Basic Tools Every Homeowners Should Have

Basic Tools Every Homeowners Should Have

If you want to be able to fix basic problems in your home, you need to have the basic tools for it. If you have limited amounts of equipment, that is okay too. However, most home repairs require you to have specific tools if you really want to fix them thoroughly.

To help you get started, I have listed here the basic tools that you need to have in order to fix most home repair problems.

Measuring tool

If you are to fix any kind of home damage, you need to have a precise measuring tool. It allows you to have the precise dimensions of the materials you are going to use. It also makes your repair more effective and efficient.


You should already have a complete set of screwdrivers. Having a complete set of screwdrivers will allow you to open almost any equipment. The most important screwdriver head types you need are flat head and Phillips. If you have limited budget, you can opt for a set which only contains the most popular sizes.


Every household needs a pair of working hammer. They have so many uses that it is very impractical not to own at least a couple hammers.

Crescent Adjustable Wrench

If you want to spend a little less on wrench, the adjustable wrench should be it. An adjustable wrench, as it name suggests, can be adjusted easily.

Wrench set (Open End/Box End)

Each wrench has a fixed size and using the right wrench size is superior to just using the adjustable wrench all the time.

Plier set

Each member of the plier family serves distinct purposes. The most important pliers are vice grips and needle nose pliers.

Socket wrench

This one is great when you are always working on your car. The clicking noise when turning is very cool and satisfying to the user.

Utility Knife

This is your all around tool. You can use it for basically anything. There are many things that can prove utility knives to be useful.

These are just the basic tools you need to own to enable yourself to fix some of the basic things inside your home. As more complex problems arise, you may need specific tools. As problems become too complex for you to handle, the best solution may be to hire professionals to do the job. Sometimes it is unwise to invest on some special tools that you’ll only use a couple of times.

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