Handyman Services Vs Home Improvement Chains – How Are They Different?

Handyman Services Vs Home Improvement Chains – How Are They Different?

Only a few decades ago, wherein most Americans understand the concept of home repair. Back in the day, most homeowners do home repairs by themselves with maybe some help from a couple of friends. If the home issue is a bit too much for their skills, that is the only time they will call in the professionals. That is a huge contrast to today where homeowners just call a handyman services company whenever they want a home repair. This is a far cry from decades ago where most homeowners do the repairs themselves.

The need for a reputable handyman services is constantly increasing. Homeowners today are too busy with their work that they don’t have the time to learn even basic home repair and maintenance. This is one of the many reasons why you see many handyman services popping up all across the bigger cities in America. Young homeowners are spending their time on other social things rather than spending it learning basic home maintenance. To be honest, that is understandable. With the increasing work load on the new generation, it seems fair that they spend their free time doing what they like.

Local Handymen – Are They Better?

In recent years, big corporations have dipped their toes into this growing market. Many home improvement chains sort of just popped into existence to challenge local handyman services companies. Because of this competition, the average price of repair went down. This is good news for homeowners but you can’t say the same for business owners.

Having compared local handyman services companies to home improvement chains, one thing is for certain – they are very different. Though they provide the same service package, they are entirely different. In terms of service, many would say that handyman wins hands down. The main advantage of getting the service of your local handyman is their familiarity with home repairs. You can’t say the same for big home improvement chains. Most of the time, employees of home improvement chains are only trained for a couple of months before they begin work. In my honest opinion, those several months of training simply aren’t enough of an experience.

The commercialization of these kinds of services have drove down the price of basic services. However, because of the same commercialization, the work quality has dipped. Back in the day, only the most skilled handymen and home improvement specialist build a business. A big contrast to today where big corporations can just train someone and call it a day.

Handyman Superior Work Quality

Home improvement big chains offer a wide variety of services but most of them give these work to sub-contractors. What this means is they just send the work to actual handymen. The only difference here is they take cut of the cost. Considering that many big chains offer lower rates, what they pay to the subcontractor is even lower when you consider their cut.

This strategy of lowering their price so they could compete and then transferring the work to their competitors anyway is counter-intuitive. This sends a bad precedent to many businesses which is bad for consumers.

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